Fluency Fix’s Roku Channel set to transform how we practice languages

Fluency Fix, by Nejo Studios, has launched its own streaming TV channel on Roku; making it the first interactive language practice platform to do so. The channel which launched on April 25th, 2023, provides students with interactive English conversations amongst a sea of movies and TV shows.

Through its innovative video format, Fluency Fix will allow language learners to practice English conversations in the same way that they’d watch their favourite TV show.  The channel will offer Beginner, Intermediate and Business English conversations to help students to practice their English.

“We are excited to launch our first TV channel since Smart TVs have always been a part of the Fluency Fix vision,” said Nejo Studios Founder Carol Barrett.

“Students want more than “point and click” learning. This helps students who are already so used to the video format to engage in foreign language conversations in a way that feels natural.”

In addition to interactive video conversations, Fluency Fix also offers specialty shows like My Fluency Journey and other fluency-themed programs which will be rolled out in the near future. These features are all built around the goal of making fluency accessible to everyone.

The launch of the Fluency Fix TV channel on Roku marks a new chapter in language learning, providing students with a truly immersive and engaging way to learn a new language.

To learn more about the Fluency Fix TV channel, search for Fluency Fix inside the Roku App.


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