Virtual Language Practice launches 2 new podcasts


Virtual Language Practice launches 2 new podcasts

Foreign language students now have the complete package with free language lessons followed immediately by a conversation practice session with a native speaker.

February 20th – Brampton, Ontario Canada – This week, Virtual Language Practice will launch 2 new podcasts to complement the virtual conversation practice sessions already available at its website These mini podcast prep-lessons are for absolute beginners who need a little instructional help before they can practice the interactive conversations on the site with a native speaker.

“I realized that every language learning app that I’ve ever quit, I quit because studying the language and practicing the language with a native speaker were separated,” said Virtual Language Practice founder Carol Barrett. I wanted to give language learners the complete package, a way to study, and then immediately put it all into practice in a conversation with a native speaker right away. These new mini podcast lessons will allow language learners to do just that.

The new podcasts will be available on iTunes, Spotify and other podcasting platforms but will also be available in a player directly below each video conversation practice session. So, a learner will be able to go straight from their mini lesson to their conversation practice session all on the same page. Initially, Beginner Spanish and Beginner English will be rolled out but Japanese, Mandarin Chinese and French will follow soon after. Since the EU Barometer has listed English, Spanish, Chinese and French among the most useful languages to learn, these languages were a natural choice.

The Virtual conversation practice sessions have already had the effect of making foreign language fluency seem possible for people who have been quietly thinking about it for years.

One learner from Costa Rica said, “I did what I never thought that I would be able to do.” However, for a large segment of the population, foreign language lessons are out of reach financially. These 65 free beginner mini-lessons and practice sessions will make language learning and fluency more accessible to more people who want to speak a second language.

To find out more about this new free offering, visit or subscribe to Beginner English or Beginner Spanish where ever you listen to podcasts.

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Virtual Language Practice is a provider of on-demand foreign language speaking practice in 5 languages. To find out more about its new brand Fluency Fix, visit, or the Fluency fix news room at

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