Fluency Fix brings video streaming to language learning with 8 new interactive shows.

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Feb 3rd, 2020

Brampton, Ontario  —

Almost one year to the day when Fluency Fix first introduced human conversation practice partners, the company has retooled 5 of its language practice sessions and added 3 new shows. For language learners looking to brush up on their listening skills or test their translation mettle, the lineup includes Simultaneous Translation- French, Simultaneous Translation-Spanish and a new program called, “I want English Ears.”

The new interactive TV style format will appeal to language learners who want their language learning to be just as engaging and fun as watching their favorite TV show. Some format changes that have been added to the lineup include a movie skit for each conversation, a lesson and a quiz at the end to make sure that they really understood everything in the conversation.

After some beta testing last year which included creating a very successful series of podcasts, Fluency Fix’s parent company Virtual Language Practice wanted to offer language learners even more. Says Founder Carol Barrett, “It made sense to put everything language learners were looking for including lessons, conversation practice and quizzes all in one package instead of in several different places on the internet.”

Virtual Language Practice is a deliberate practice platform for practicing foreign languages.  The company’s flagship product, Fluency Fix, uses a combination of AI and real humans to provide language learners with out- loud speaking practice in the language that they are studying.

For more information, visit the Fluency Fix website at https://www.fluencyfix.com

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