Temporarily Closed to New Customers

On March 16th, 2020, Virtual Language Practice made the very difficult decision to temporarily close the Fluency Fix Store to new customers.

This was a very difficult thing to do since our big relaunch with new interactive content only happened on February 3rd,2020.

This decision was influenced by our inability , due to ongoing circumstances, to create new content and fulfill our promise of new content every week.

Full disclosure. This decision was made prior to the changes we have all faced due to Covid 19. This decision was precipitated by difficulties we have been facing as an organization.  However, these difficulties were further compounded by the Corona virus fallout and made it impossible to continue with business as usual.

This is a very difficult time for all of us and my encouragement to our audience and language learning customers out there is to make the most of this time.  Use this time to get better.  Use this time to read, to get organized, to plan, to clean, to form new healthier habits and to regroup. Use this time to become a kinder person since so much kindness is needed right now.

Even with limited resources it is possible to come out of this very difficult situation in some way better than before it started.  Pledge to yourself to use the resources that you do have (time and a mind) to come out of this better in some way than before the virus hit.

That is what I will be doing.

One of our core values at Virtual Language Practice is Continuous improvement.

During this down time we will be working at creating an even better product than we had before and bringing you even more value to empower you on your fluency journey.

In the meantime, stay safe.

Carol Barrett

Virtual Language Practice


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