What language learners want and how Fluency Fix rebranded to give it to them

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Feb 2nd, 2019

Brampton, Ontario  — Language learners have a wealth of resources when it comes to learning a language but things can get a little complicated and a bit expensive when they try to practice speaking the language with a native speaker on a regular basis.  To meet this need, Fluency 365, which originally launched in 2016 with animated virtual practice partners, has rebranded as Fluencyfix.com with on-demand human conversation practice partners.

After completing a focus group with language learners in 6 countries, and even traveling overseas to meet with some of them, it was clear that language learners were more engaged when their conversation practice partner on the screen was a human being.  On November 1st, 2018 Fluency Fix entered a 6 month Beta Test to continue adding new conversation practice sessions for foreign language students.

The newly designed website offers a wealth of free beginner content for language learners who are studying English, French, Japanese, Mandarin Chinese and Spanish.  In the months to come Fluencyfix.com will be adding new features to each section such as pre-conversation lessons, intermediate courses, business courses and specialty shows. Language learners who want to get started with their first conversation can get started at funandfree.fluencyfix.com

Fluency Fix

Fluency Fix is a product of Virtual Language Practice. We use the power of Video to provide on-demand, interactive, out loud speaking practice for language learners in 5 languages.

For more information, visit the Fluency Fix website at https://www.fluencyfix.com

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